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Wi-fi Printing Takes Too Long; Call Technical Support

Having documents printed wirelessly is quite a new convenience. The feeling of ease from not worrying about being hindered by cables is a relatable comfort in today’s work experiences. Even other devices such as smartphones and tablets can quickly establish a network connection and then print a user’s intended set of files or documents. Suddenly, all of these advantages are unfortunately shaken off by a pervasive problem regarding wireless connectivity.

Wi-fi Printing 101

Printing over wi-fi has been another ingenious innovation for tech newbies ever since the dawn of wireless networking. It lets a user print documents without the worry of cables that may cause a sudden misfortune or accident. The core functionality is provided by a wireless-capable printer ‘wirelessly’ connected to a W-Fi router or modem. Then, a party of other connectible devices may also join, such as laptops, personal computers, and other known gadgets.

Because of not needing any cable to access the functionality of a printer, it is pretty easy when a person has decided to print something. All that is required to do is establish access through it by connecting to wi-fi. As long as the printer also has its designated place in the network, sometimes a set of printed documents is just a few taps away, especially when Printing via smartphone. The hassle of transferring files first through a computer that is necessarily wired to a printer is pretty much nonexistent. A person has to pass by through a wi-fi printer, connect to it, print the desired documents, and leave when it is all done, just like ordering something in a vending machine.

But what if your supposedly ‘quick’ stop at the wireless printer takes too long?

The Problem with wi-fi Printing

Wireless printers, No. Not just that. Pretty much every wireless connectivity has a big one common problem: NETWORK TRAFFIC. An unstable network connection can pose delays and other problems in a digitized, interconnected environment, particularly the wireless printing service. But there were instances that someone may mistake it as the printer’s fault. Well, it’s also a possibility, but general troubleshooting must be done. 

The first question to be asked must be, Is it the printer itself or the other components peripherally connected to it? Before contacting the technical support team, it may be more practical to try hardwiring the printer and test its efficiency. By doing this, it will be more obvious whether the printer is working fine or not. Suppose there are no significant disturbances to its performance compared to when it’s wirelessly connected. In that case, one should think of the possibility that the wireless network itself is the culprit. Maybe there’s a lot of devices trying to connect at the same time. Maybe not. The appropriate thing that could be done is to try contacting the service provider to accommodate more devices or establish a strong network connection. 

An employer or manager may also regulate its employees on the usage of its wireless printers, like when are the appropriate time and the limited number of devices eligible to connect. But out of nowhere, somebody has said, What if we directly hardwire just the printer to the modem?. Indeed it’s another witty trick that could maximize the effectiveness of wireless Printing as the two devices are wired to each other while the router or modem is still giving off the desired wireless connectivity.


Wi-fi printing has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Whether somebody has preferred a wired one or a wireless one, it might be derived from various circumstances that address certain needs. But if you have problems with wi-fi, our technical support team is ready to lend you a helping hand. Just visit us here.

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