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How Much is a Multi-purpose Printer?

Starting off a new business venture or maybe new to business management may cause you heavy information and overloads of data, including all the sales and advertising, the needed equipment, manpower and even the tight budget you have set for the capital of your business. That is why being informed firsthand about what you need and how much a certain equipment will cost you can help you big time, not only in finances but also in time and effort.

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Before delving into the price of a multi-purpose printer, let us first know what a multi-purpose printer is, and how it is different from just a simple printer?

A printer is simply a device that prints your files directly from your computer, it is single purpose only and cannot be depended on several tasks to fulfill. Apparently, a multi-purpose printer is also called a multi-function printer or is also called a MFP. A multi-function printer is also more efficient and reliable than a single performing printer, simply because it’s a high functioning technology, the latest model printers could ever have. 

Now, a multifunction printer is an all-purpose technology device that not only prints, but also faxes, copies and scans. Multifunction printers are generally seen and are most marketed by small business owners or start-up businesses, and home offices as a single integrated device that actually has the capability to replace several bulky devices. A multi-purpose printer, aside from its shortened name, is also known as a mopier or all-in-one (AIO).

Having a multifunction printer may raise your expectation to have a high-speed printing of papers per minute, but that is not the case really, it only allows you to have high quality printing color outputs. While some devices now come with media reader slots, enabling you to insert a particular memory card from the digital camera to the MFP to directly print it. It easily processes the pictures without the need to use a laptop or computer. Some multi-purpose printers are likely to be based on inkjet technology or on laser printing technology. While inkjet printers may not be able to produce good and outstanding colored picture outputs, you can expect that laser printers produce razor-sharp text, and can print faster than inkjets. Since then, prices have decreased and quality improved as major manufacturers and renowned companies have entered the market. 

Now, if you are finally planning to buy your own multifunction printer and have come to the point where it will cost you less than leasing one, the only thing you have to keep in mind is to be able to point out the key features you will be often needing in your business venture. These are some considerations to look for a multi-purpose printer: USB Drive Space, Media Reader Slots, PictBridge or the virtual connectivity to your devices. 

Multi-purpose printers’ prices are definitely higher than single functioning printers. So, it will probably cost you ranging from 220$ to 450$ depending upon its model and key features, and the quality it produces for inkjet and laser printing. The best thing to do before determining the exact machine to buy is to look at its function in the long run and what are the benefits of this after 3-5 years of running in the corner of your office or business. Prices may always vary upon the features, quality and depending upon the usage you consume every single use. 

Identify the means and the need why you are buying a multi-function printer and actually focus on its usage rather than forcing it to function, feeding it inappropriate paper and letting the ink grease over the cartridge.