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What Is The Difference Between Renting And Leasing An Office Copier?

Probably some people would think that the two words “lease” and “rent” are just the same, yes could be in the dictionary. Confusing terminology on the other side, but in some instances, they are different according to the factors they could offer. Take for example a copier, you could see how they proved them wrong to make it appear that the two words are relative to each other in a way, based on important factors like cost-effectiveness and function. 


How do you know that you are thinking to rent instead of making a purchase? Well, the contract will involve paying a fixed borrow, or a cost-per-click every month. Some organizations make preference renting a copier instead. For those with seasonal businesses, renting a copier is a better idea. The agreements include the handling of paper works temporarily. But renting a copier only applies to temporary use of the equipment. If you think you will last longer, buying one is still a better option.

Just like car rentals, you cannot rely on them to use them in the long term, they are not intended to be. You are only required to pay for the period you are allowed to use them. This makes you manage the budgeting more accurately because of the time-price combination. You can also add to your rental agreement generally for packed maintenance. This covers the services and repairs in general. 

Some companies which are suitable for renting a copier are Post offices, construction companies, Petrol stations, convenience stores, exhibitions, television, and on-location filming.



This can best describe being “purchase over time”. It can range in timescales. Mostly, it is about 12 and 60 months. This is a good idea for those in long-term use of the equipment, they would expect all of the benefits without worrying about the repairs, maintenance, and making an upgrade. 

For some, leasing is a better choice because it allows affordable monthly payments, yet provides you with long-term use. Some leasing companies may offer you a Managed Print Services program which includes regular maintenance service, also toner replacement. 

This is suited for those with long-term printing needs, but cannot afford to pay for the equipment in full. These are recruitment agencies, legal firms, solicitors, manufacturing agencies, schools, estate agents, and offices.


Making a comparison between a copier rental, and the lease is quite easier to understand. For a much better point of view, a copier rental is a contract for short-term use, which could last from one day until several months. While copier leasing is good for longer-term use. They could last from at least 12 months up to 60 months, or even more. The length of service of the contract may still depend on the two parties as to how they will agree upon the services availed. 

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Some said that renting has more advantages because it is a cost-effective contract. It has a lesser burden in terms of financial matters and is a cheaper option somehow. But others think that leasing is also cost-effective in the way that the service outlay is for a longer period. In addition, it can be paid out of your business’s taxable profits. 

So, the comparison and differences between renting and leasing a copier best define that the choice is yours, ultimately. 

It will still depend on your requirements or needs for your business or organization. You are the most equipped to decide which one is better than the other. All you need to do is carefully evaluate before you make a decision, and be consistent with every detail of consideration or factor you should think about first.