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Copiers Can Make Business Improvements Very Easy

Copiers could perform many functions and have a lot of features useful for business tasks. That is why they simply are the best in increasing productivity in the workplace. However, there are also a lot of these features that are still unknown to many. Not even those who have been using copiers for so long are familiar with all these things. They may be simple but they also make your tasks as simple. 

Copier lease in Washington does not come with a manual that has all these functions enumerated. Copier lease in Washington is guaranteed to serve you well throughout your lease term though. All you have to do in your part is to find out these features yourself to maximize the use of your machine.

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Here are those things you didn’t know your copiers could do that will benefit your business greatly:

Print Rules

As a business, you want disciplined consumption for every supply in your office. Copiers use supplies too, so you want to set rules for that. Still, these rules are pointless if not followed. That is why you should set your copier into custom printing settings in accordance with your preference. You could set it to fixed monochrome printing so no one in the office sneaks colored prints for instance. 

Basically, your copier has a feature that enables you to set limits on the use of your copier. This is effective in making sure you don’t suffer supply costs.

Remote Printing

Copiers have a lot of connectivity options. One of them is a convenient Wi-Fi connection. You could connect your smartphone to the copier through Wi-Fi and have your documents printed from your desk. Just stand up to get the output in the copy room once done. No need to wait in the copy room the entire time. You could instead work on other tasks in the meantime.

Zero Paper Use 

Given that copiers are very digital, you could get rid of the use of paper as much as possible. If you need documents scanned or faxed but not necessarily printed, you could just scan it to email or cloud instead. This way, you get to keep the scanned document and send it easily to whomever it has to be sent. You could also store the document in the machine’s own secure data storage.

Better Security 

You could set pin codes and other proximity locks to limit who uses the machine and what they could access. This is important as copiers, as mentioned, are also data storages. Therefore, there is a need to protect it from employees who do not need access to those files. You also want to make sure that not everyone gets their hands on the copier so that expenses won’t blow up. 

A copier with such ease of use could be tempting for many employees to use for non-work purposes.

Track Expenses

One of the very impressive features of your copier is that it could give you a record of printing costs. It could give you data in how much you have spent over the month–how much for colored print or monochrome ones. This is very helpful so that you can keep your budget uncompromised. Through this tracking feature, you could also decide on better disciplinary rules to set for your employees’ use of the machine.

Power Management

Electricity plays an important role in making your copier work for you. Now, every business includes electric bills in their budget too. Using your copier the whole day in the office may increase those bills. That is why you should know that every copier has power saving features that could prevent such a case. There is sleep mode for instance. When your copier is in sleep mode, it does not consume any energy. Therefore, it remains ready for the next task without consuming energy.